Jul. 25th, 2011

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Я съездила на базу ХС, так странно было там бродить одной.
Очень светлое чувство, впрочем.

Сделала маленький ролик из фотографий.

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Sweet memories

So many tears, so many words
So many ways to set a curse
So many days to make them worse
So many wars

We love the color as it fades
We love the school when final grades
Are gotten – and the childhood waits
To leave your mates

I touch the door, I hold my breath
We made an epic to possess
We learnt the price of life and death
And how to dress

We made a world beyond compare
The magic sparkled in the air
It tempted us to act, to dare
So rich we were

For the accomplices in crime
We had a freedom at its prime
We had a rocky bank to climb
And all the pride

And now I walk along the lake
There is no victory to take
There is no love to make a break
No life to fake

But I can feel the scent of game
When I come back once again
Remember honor and disdain
And feel the pain

The past has gone and it seems right
I make some photos – black-and-white
These frozen images, they might
Comfort my mind

I tell my ghosts to rest in peace
I left no secrets to confess
But ask me – would you miss all this?
I’ll tell you yes.

Май – июль 2011


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